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Toontrack Custom Shop EZX


Kokoelma harvinaisimpia ja uniikkeja käsintehtyjä rumpuja koko maailmassa!

Vaikka monet hienoimmat rumpusarjat nykyään tulevat suoraan tuotantolinjoilta kaupan hyllyille, on kiistämätön totuus, että arvostettujen rakentajien käsin tekemissä tuotteissa on oma viehätyksensä sekä valmistajan omaleimainen soundi. Tervetuloa testaamaan upeaa kokoelmaa maailman harvinaisimpia ja käsintehtyjä rumpuja!

Toisin kuin useimmat EZX-laajennukset hakevat tietyn genren soundimaailmaa sekä komppeja, Custom Shop EZX menee ihan toiseen suuntaan. Pääosassa ovat rummut ja niiden ominainen soundi. Laajennuksen soundit on tallentanut mainekas tuottaja Joe Blaney (The Clash, Prince, Keith Richards) sekä rumpali Stephen Belans Brooklyn Recording -studiolla, joka on ideaalinen paikka täydelliseen rumpujen soundin taltiointiin.

Saatavuus: Varastossa

69,00 €


Some of the most rare, hard-to-come-by and unique handcrafted drums in the world. 

Even though some of the greatest drums in the world roll straight off assembly lines before they end up on store shelves, there is something irrefutably unique about the handcrafted – the ones where the artisan has steamed, bent, screwed, bolted and riveted their instruments together from the first slab of produce to final product. We’re talking about the made-to-order, custom and rare instruments in which each man-made little characteristic contributes to something that can’t be mass-produced or mimicked: personality. Welcome to the Custom Shop EZX, a collection of some of the most rare, hard-to-come-by and unique handcrafted drums in the world.

While most EZXs seek to capture a certain sound or genre, the Custom Shop EZX goes out of its way to do the exact opposite. It’s about the drums and the drums alone. It was recorded by producer Joe Blaney (The Clash, Prince, Keith Richards) and drummer Stephen Belans at Brooklyn Recording, a studio with a room ideal for transparent drum tracking. Featuring all handpicked drums, with tom shell sizes ranging from ten to 18 inches, several different types of 
wood and metal as well as a host of cymbals, the Custom Shop EZX presents the broadest possible sonic scope.

The truly unique Q kit, with its solid copper shells, has a tone unlike any other – loud, open and resonant but still centered and focused with a deep and warm decay. On the other end of the scale we have the Japanese Canopus kit in a traditional jazz setup, producing a much brighter, more dense and complex attack. Balancing between the previous two, we have the classic Craviotto in solid walnut shells, crafted by hand at the small boutique factory in Watsonville, California, giving you a punchy, bell-like clarity but still a dark and round sound. Finally, at the far end of the meter we have the thunderous Fibes set, a maple-ply kit with a truly deep and vibrant tone.

Add to this four extra snares, two kicks as well as brushed variations of select kits and you have a sonic palette with near infinite application.


• Features only top-shelf, rare, handcrafted and custom instruments
• Six (6) types of wood and several different metals covered
• Four (4) full kits with additional kicks and snares
• 12 cymbals and two (2) sets of hi-hats
• Both sticks and brushes available for select kits and instruments
• Captured at Brooklyn Recording by producer Joe Blaney (The Clash, Prince, Keith Richards)
• Includes a collection of MIDI grooves and fills



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